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My son struggled with math in third grade and was consistently overwhelmed by the new concepts.He did not do as well as we'd hoped on his math End-of-Grade test, so we looked in to Mathnasium.She is now has a B average and is having fun learning and retaining what she learns. She looks forward to seeing Chris and the team twice a week, and they really know how to give praise, and high 5-s and get the job done!

Now starting 4th quarter we have made two A's on our last two graded tests. I love the tutors that work with her and how they listen to her and help her understand and gain confidence in her Math skills. We are excited to see if we can keep this average to an A/B..

Sincerely, [NAME REMOVED]Our daughter has had a wonderful experience with Mathnasium.

She has gone from below grade level to above grade level in less than one year.

Around our fifth visit, we could talk about why math was hard for her in school.

By the 9th visit, she had stopped counting on her fingers.

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