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Al gore dating 2016

Plenty of people in his administration and in Congress lobbied him to stay in. But on June 1, 2017, the nationalist and fossil-fuel Trump influencers prevailed, and the president announced that he was pulling the country out of the agreement.

"The producers wanted to do a town hall with Al Gore and asked me to host it," David remembers."When he first meets people, he might be awkward and standoffish. But he settles into a chair in an ascetic, blissfully air-conditioned conference room and starts talking about how, at the urging of producer and environmental activist Laurie David, he shortened his slide show from two hours to 20 minutes, then down to 10 minutes.David pressed on him that he had to have a version to share over social media.One of his staffers, a tall guy, is standing right behind Gore, angling a protest sign over his boss's schvitzing head and neck, trying to give him some shade in the beating sun…when pushing into our midst is a little old lady from Long Island, brandishing her i Phone."You're in my way," she jabs at the young man.Then, to me: "Al Gore should have been the president, you know." "I'm trying to shade him from the sun, ma'am," the staffer says.

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Depending on how the next 10 to 20 years go, you may live to witness all of this. On December 5, 2016, TV cameras glimpsed Gore stepping into the gilded elevator at Trump Tower on his way up to see the president-elect in a meeting brokered by Ivanka Trump. "First…while I was vice president, I always protected the confidence of my communications; I think any president who enters into private conversation is entitled to that kind of respect. The date on which the Paris Agreement went into effect was November 4, 2016.

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