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Atom probe tomography dating website

The study of extraterrestrial samples includes the analysis of meteorites (from asteroids, Mars, and the Moon), lunar samples (returned by Apollo), micrometeorites (1), interplanetary dust particles (IDPs) (2, 3), samples returned from comets (Stardust) (4), asteroids (HAYABUSA) (5), and samples from the Sun (Genesis) (6).Throughout the 20th century, continuous development of analytical instrumentation has led to a deep understanding of how the SS formed, what material contributed to its formation, what processes took place in its early history, and what was the time scale.These grains, found in primitive meteorites, are bona fide stardust.They condensed in the expanding atmospheres of late-type stars [red giant branch (RGB) and asymptotic giant branch (AGB) stars] and in the ejecta from supernova (SN) explosions.This will exclude many conventional techniques, such as X-ray analysis in the electron microprobe and SEM, neutron activation analysis, conventional X-ray fluorescence, and X-ray diffraction analysis, which are important to cosmochemistry but are discussed extensively elsewhere.Recent progress in instrumental developments has mainly been made along two lines.The Nano SIMS has played an essential role in the discovery of presolar silicates (17, 18).

One of the major applications of the ion microprobe is the isotopic analysis of presolar grains (14, 15).The ion microprobe has also been important in the analysis of material returned from the comet Wild 2 by the Stardust mission.The Nano SIMS was used to identify true O-rich stardust material in impact craters on Al foil (24) and a presolar Si C grain in an aerogel capture cell (25).An enlarged SEM picture of a presolar silicate identified from the isotopic images is also shown. Isotopic raster imaging in the Nano SIMS has identified D- and N excesses in organic matter from primitive meteorites (21) and in primitive IDPs (22, 23).These excesses indicate the presence of material from the presolar molecular cloud.

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