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All those other issues I’ve been writing about for seven years? But the proposed solution - manipulate men to marry older women - is predicated on the assumption that if we can only buy some time things will even out. This fancy cocktail of demography, sociology, mathematics and mythology is really nothing more than a Ponzi scheme.

In other words, the incoming crop of singles will have more men than women. Let’s assume that there really are far more eligible women than men.

Speaking from experience as a single girl, it is extremely difficult to get a date with tzugepaste boy, and I commend the NASI program and the rabbanim for working on this issue Obviously this writer failed in math! This has little to do with the fact that there are more female then men!

It is simply that we have 4 years of boys who are not in Shiduchim, while their female counterparts are.

A true Torah scholar is well aware of a communal crisis early on, even anticipates the crisis.] that the primary cause of the [shidduch crisis] is that boys frequently prefer girls who are a few years younger…Since every year our population grows, the result is that there are always more girls in need of a shidduch than there are available boys.” The letter strongly urges shadhanim [matchmakers] to push shidduchim[matches] in which there is a minimal age gap between the boy and girl, or for the girl to be older.New York - What is one supposed to do when a respected rabbi makes a pronouncement that is disconnected from logic and reality?Is he supposed to convince himself that he doesn’t know better, can’t possibly know better?

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What if it is not one rabbi making this wayward pronouncement but 60?