Dating dry spell

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"It’s like she’s some kind of witch," I thought. Her luggage went into the main bedroom; the books, boxes, and odds and ends into Aunt Liz’s old sewing room. Aunt Therese put a lock on the sewing room door after she caught me snooping. Sometimes, late at night, I’d think I heard drums and—once—two or more weird voices talking. Jerry had an old clunker of a car, and Phil, the oldest looking one of our group, had managed to get an ID that said he was okay to buy beer. I was trying to find my key, so I could sneak in to bed. As she walked over, the door slammed shut behind me somehow. I threw a robe on over my T-shirt and shorts and headed downstairs for some breakfast.

Even though I was smaller, the shirt was tight across the, umm, chest, and the material felt scratchy rubbing against my nipples. Then I tried the sneakers on again, pulling the laces extra tight. I was trying to figure out what to do next when Aunt Therese came back into the room. Our first appointment is in fifteen minutes." "Appointment? I didn’t know whether to be happy or mad that he didn’t recognize me. When I tried to ask what she’d done to me now, I discovered that I couldn’t speak above a whisper. It was warm in the shop, and Jennie’s scalp massage felt really great. ) I had blue shadow over my eyes, and light red lipstick on my lips.Mariah had a lot of women’s slacks on display, but Aunt Therese ignored them. But Aunt Therese was acting like that was a thing of the past.When I asked about getting a pair or two, she just said that a lady never wore slacks. The scary part was that I found myself enjoying it.Her hair was undone and hung straight down to the small of her back. They burned with a greenish flame and gave out thin trails of black smoke. Then she began chanting in a low voice and walking around the star. I could see two nipples pushing out points against the front of my T-shirt. I tossed off the robe and pulled my shorts down past my knees. Instead, I saw a vertical slit covered with brownish curls.She wore some sort of blue satin gown embroidered with all sorts of red, gold, and black symbols. After a couple of minutes, the smell of the candles began to get to me. My hair was long, hanging down past to my shoulders.

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