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Tongue kisses and sex or oral sex is usually excluded.

Jürgen does not delude himself and considers sexual assistance a lasting solution for "people with such a complex disability" like him.

Or the "missing chance for action so far", as the 50-year-old sexual assistant says. Can a man with multiple sclerosis have an erection?

And does a mentally disabled person have sexual needs?

V, English: Institute for self-determination of disabled people) in Germany speaks of "surrogate partnership" or “sex surrogate”, so a kind of substitute partnership in which the sexual act does not stand in the centre but the time spent together. What concerns her primarily is "creating a space for experience", where wishes of her clients can develop.

For example, “experience, try, sensing, being in contact with each other, tenderness, physical contact, proximity and nudity, perhaps even first sexual experiences”.

Thus a so-called “physical self-esteem” can be built, which could also positively affect daily life.

Catharina's openness also applies out of her appointments. Additionally to positive reactions, there are also many reactions like "I could never do such a thing." Because most people have little idea of her work she describes her job carefully.

Sex may also mean reproduction, and thus also transfer - if it is a hereditary disability - of defective genes, which is usually not approved.

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