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Free chatting online no registration

When’s the last time you tallied up how much you spend on food per month?

Now, I’m not talking about take-out or special occasion dinners – I mean JUST groceries.

So, I set out to cut our family grocery bill and create a plan so I wouldn’t waste money and food again.

It took some time to figure it all out, but the combination of strategies and tactics that I utilized completely changed the way I shop forever. Our family of (then) four quickly went from spending over 0 per month to still eating phenomenal meals for 0 per month! There’s a lot to the grocery planning process and routine, but when you have all the pieces working well together, you can start to see these same significant savings!

Oh, and then when you get to the store, it can take SO long and feel so crowded and chaotic you end up abandoning the list altogether. – you were confident that you were stretching your dollars as far as they can go?

I know, I know – budget seems like a boring, no-fun kind of word to some people.

Years ago I would wander through the grocery store, randomly grabbing ingredients that I thought would make a nice, simple meal and tossing them into my cart.

I didn’t pay attention to shelf tags, sale prices, store ads…I just showed up, shopped and left.

Sometimes I forgot things and had to run back to the store, sometimes I left things in the back of the fridge too long and forgot to use them, and sometimes I just gave up and ordered a pizza because it was easier.

I flushed way too much money down the drain with this kind of shopping style.

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