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Gay dating show room raiders

come on GB pay the refs more money I mean, I doubt Rodgers is dating Harry Styles but there is photographic proof they've at least met each other before in 2013. I get that many on DL don't like Rodgers but geez some of you will go to great lengths to be in utter denial about the man's football talent. As for Green Bay Packers, it's sad how team just fell apart without Aaron. When Hundley hugged Rodgers did he want to give him an extra crunching, re-injuring hug? I'll wave at all my DL honeys out there in TV Land.I mean, if grandma was as crazy conservative (or probably even more so) as the rest of his family, I can't see why Aaron would have any desire in going. That is why I am not getting his instagram updates.He was planning to urge all the people in the stadium too to do the kneeling during anthem to show"unity"However he backtracked when many of his teammates show displeasure with kneeling R15 He practically begged the Packers faithful to kneel in one of the last games he played before his season ending injury.

LMAO, everyone on these threads think every one is gay. He’s injured, so the day to day of football is a bit in the background for him, as he is not playing.

Esp if his fame hungry relatives turn it into a big circus. at this point Aaron has completely abandoned his family because of their religious belief .

He prefer to get facial, pedicure and manicure in West Hollywood with Nick Jonas than to attend his grandma's funeral Hey guys, I just heard Colin Cowherd say that he has it from a good source that IF the Packers go at least 1 and 3 in the next four games, Rodgers will likely return in time for the playoffs.

Kevin (married to a woman), Aaron (out of a 2 year relationship with a woman), Nate (married to a woman), Jordan (on the Bachelor looking for a woman), now Clay (married to a woman).yawn, go whack off to Nathan Lane (confirmed homo)R72 There is plenty of evidence that Aaron is gay and he and Kevin were involved. He has a family of freaks, and his beard and dog contract is up. Clay on the other hand is pinging in the low to mid ranges for me with some of his commercials, especially a couple with Aaron.

This isn’t the Ronaldo thread where people are fantazing over a two time rapist being gay because he’s not the American definition of macho. He’s probably kinda bummed he is not playing, and worried about the next beard contract coming up. We will soon know the new contract beard, the one that will keep up appearances, but will never marry him.

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