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As a result, I’ve become very sensitive lately and spent a lot of time working on my role.” SSK: “It was awkward at first, because I had to act like I could see the invisible particles before CG effects were added in. I had several discussions with the director on how to best portray the special ‘eye’, whether I should be very expressive or not overdo it.” PYC: “Cooking programmes are really interesting. Unfortunately, I don’t cook (laughs).”SSK: “I love to cook.

I’d make bread and snacks to share them with my family, friends and colleagues, and I enjoy getting their feedback. I’ve already done hard labour before, so I don’t think there’s anything I cannot do (laughs).”SSK: “I’m not greedy about becoming famous, but I want to be an actress who thinks that it’s more important to become a good person.

I just decided to take the stand of a fan and do something about it.

And the reason why i’m saying this, is because i have faith, that fans definitely will be able to think and find out what they want to do, if something like this do happen.

These matches looked as if they were made in heaven, until it went bust. They dated for 5 years and when she tied the knot last year, he wished her all the best. Kiko Mizuhara & G-Dragon The On-off couple keeps their relationship a mystery.

Nichkhun – Tiffany A boy band member and a girl group singer. Their hectic schedule ended up getting in the way though. William chan & Angelababy She’s now married to the hunky actor Huang Xiaoming, but there was a time when Angelababy was crazy about William Chan.

The superstar Ayumi Hamasaki and Tokio’s lead vocalist.

You’re not from Korea, and they aren’t sold in your country. Buy it off online, where the possibilities of it being OVERLY PRICED are pretty high.These days, I’m very interested in food pairing, which is about finding the right combination of food and beverages.” PYC: “I’m not someone who seeks attention. She’s now dating a member of SHINee, Jong Hyun, for approximately 20 days now, though they’ve known each other longer. Since both share common interests in music and similar hobbies, they got along more quickly and progressed to being a couple.We all know Park Yoo Chun and Shin Se Kyung are both power acts in their own right, but we never knew how awesome these two could be together.Despite being total opposites in The Girl Who Sees Smells, we sniffed out (pun intended) quite a bit of similarities between the two stars! He works very hard and creates a good atmosphere at the filming site.

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