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Just go to the circle of buttons on the bottom right side of the Walking Talking Universe and click on the book symbol under the question mark that looks like an open book.

One of our Idea Seeker Guardians will review your request and if approved, add your suggested word or words into our approved chat.

Then depending on how you act, you can go up to Trusted Status or if you lose your voice to the Darkness you can drop to the Untrusted Warrior Drone level.

People who become fully trusted with behavior on Sarillion that shows they are ready to do more, will be contacted for great opportunities.

Trusted - Trusted accounts will receive more chat privileges than other users in either Good Standing or Untrusted status.

In order to achieve Trusted status, you will have to continuously say good, trusted things that help fight the Darkness and make the Idea Seeker Universe a great place to make new friends and meet up with old friends.

Good Standing - Good Standing players are at the basic level of chat privileges.

They do not have as many chat privileges as Trusted status players but are not nearly as limited as the Untrusted Warrior Drone players.

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Good chat and positive actions are an easy way to move your chat level up.