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Sometimes health care providers outsource this “business” to third-party companies, and sometimes the hospitals and health systems play the con game themselves.

Federal law is quite clear: a patient has the “right to obtain from [their health care providers] a copy of [their medical records] in an electronic format,” 42 USC § 17935(e)(1), and that health care provider is allowed to bill “only the cost of …

Hardly a day goes by without a letter from my office either requesting medical records or paying for them. It’s perhaps the most common thread among all my cases: the vast majority of my clients have been physically injured in one way or another, and at a bare minimum, I need the records from their doctors and hospitals to show the diagnoses they have and the treatment they have received.

There shall be appropriate, ongoing training programs available to all nursing service personnel to augment their knowledge of pertinent new developments in patient care and to maintain current competence.

Hospital policies affecting the nursing service shall be developed and reviewed with the participation of the director of nursing or designee.

The nursing service shall be represented on hospital committees that affect patient care policies and practices.

Nursing care policies and procedures that reflect optimal standards of nursing practice shall be in writing and shall be reviewed and revised as necessary to keep pace with current knowledge.

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Except in an emergency, before a maternity patient may be admitted to a hospital, the patient's attending physician shall submit a legible copy of the prenatal history to the hospital's obstetrical staff.

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