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A man I know tweeted that while he respected her honesty, he wouldn’t be able to continue dating her.

I think the discussion about whether she should have said what she did and whether or she’s the type of woman a man would want to date is the secondary issue in this story.

In our jobs we’re afraid to come right out and ask our male bosses that we be compensated according to our value to the companies we work for.

While our male counterparts, even the unqualified ones, ask for more than their worth and often get it.

We watch as women get over talked by men everywhere from panels on CNN to the most recent presidential debate.

One of the greatest lessons even the brightest and most talented women often find themselves needing to learn is to speak up and out. As I’ve said in discussing this Twitter thread with my friends earlier today, I’m not one of those women who advocate that we start behaving like men.

Perhaps sparks flew behind the scenes as the two attended a boxing match together on screen, later returned to Asia's house to enjoy classic Roman dishes with her and her family and enjoyed a meal together at one of Asia's favorite local restaurants.

She is a single mother to 8-year-old son Nicola and 15-year-old daughter Anna.

They are parents to 9-year-old daughter, Ariane Bourdain.Then, from what Alia has shared on social media, this is the last thing she said. Kente/status/807108308821753857 It was the question that Alia posed, the asking if she was right or wrong that got the internet fired up.To me, what’s glaring is the fact that whenever a woman speaks with this type unfiltered honesty, men often don’t know how to take it.My sister, mother, women friends and I have this conversation about the differences in which men and women communicate with each other

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