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Their argument is that “plus size” is a meaningless term - and one that implies women over a size 18 are a marginal group who shop differently from others, dictated by out-dated rules like no stripes or bold colours.

Their lobbying is already having an effect on some retailers.

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No, it’s not even that I’ve found one that’s more than I want to spend. As a UK 20-22, there are a limited amount of places where I can shop.

ll of which is why I totally disagree with those people currently petitioning retailers to lose the plus size labels.

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If retailers believe the label marginalises women, maybe that’s because plus size women are already, necessarily, marginalised because of their bodies.

Things are already difficult enough for plus size shoppers, who face a limited selection that generally has to be ordered online.

What we need, then, is not greater distance, squeamishness and ‘sanitisation’ around clothing above a size 18, but an honest confrontation of the stigma and deliberate exclusion of women above a size 18.

Why won’t mainstream retailers simply extend their sizing?

Why do even plus size brands refuse to use models of a size that actually represents their customers?

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