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And it was with this in mind that I set a course to work at the U. Information Agency, the State Department's cultural outreach entity.

Today's most popular client softwares are not developed by the big software giants, such as Microsoft or Netscape, but by average people just looking to make the IRC community a better place.

IRC is a very interesting aspect of the Information Superhighway; it is living, interactive text-- not archived information-- that is the teaching tool.

People are learning through a level and availability of interaction at levels that have never before been breached.

The Internet interface was exclusively text at that time. I frequently participated in IRC "rooms" to discuss current news and events with people outside the US.

Saddam Hussein had recently invaded Kuwait and the crisis began to escalate.

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IRC, otherwise known as Internet Relay Chat, is one of the oldest and most popular forms of Computer Mediated Communication.

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