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These negative tendencies consist of increases in your selectiveness and propensity.In addition you have the likelihood of expressing repetitive and picky behavior in response to these particular circumstances.An energetic sexy and demanding lover between the sheets your lusty sensual air makes for exciting lovemaking.

The ruling astrological planet for this particular day is our Sun guiding you to be rather adventurous, visionary and creative in all you do.Your main strengths of character are expressed within your independence, assertiveness, observance and sense of adventure.These positive qualities and your principled fairness and thoughtfulness grant you a clear balanced view of everything around you.You have plenty of love to give but you expect the same amount of affection and attention in return.Sharp and sensitive emotionally your awareness helps you to cope with life's ups and downs and although you are tenderly devoted you also soon display jealousy and possessiveness.

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Full of pride with a realistic idea of your abilities and limits you are usually kind and helpful but at times you can also be easily preoccupied and overly critical.

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