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The speed of dating sarah emmott

: The Getaway Challenge this week is a gumbo making challenge (each housemate only using one hand). The winners are Keith and Alexis (inferred no match) and Clinton and Geles (18.5%). : Bananas are flying and Clinton has to carry Didi away.

Probably the most constructive challenge they've had so far! : Diandra also thinking she and Malcolm have a shot... Tyler has the right insight - that the no match couples are preventing people from meeting each other. shout-out to David K93 for the explanation last week on why they're not a match: Keith and Alexis sat together in ceremonies 1, 2, and 5; if they're a match, they were the only match in one-beam weeks 2 and 5.

I wrote so much for this that I had to scrap to make it only an hour!

“I think it’s important to write about something that you know about or have come into close contact with.

Read the Episode 1 post if you want to know how this works.

Halfway through, this season's house has the most possibilities remaining... : Keith and Alexis escaped all the commotion by heading off to the boom boom room.

That means we're staying at 2,198 combinations left, still the worst in house history. Probably a good way to START the season, but they're already in the second half. Blackout odds: 0% Instant win possible: No, did not repeat 2 couples from ceremony 3 Most likely number of lights: 3 4 beams means that they've narrowed it down to 459 possibilities.

It doesn’t explain anything, it’s just a given that (Alice) is.But this play isn’t really about it, it’s just that from the start, Alice is bisexual.“The Speed Of Dating started out with a friend doing an arts night asking me to perform; I wrote a 10 minute section which was more like a stand up routine; it went down a storm and it grew from there – I felt it needed to be a play and it wasn’t long enough.Telling a whole journey, not just a snippet of Alice’s life.So I started writing it as a play, making her a more real person as a character and I think a lot of people can truly identify to her and her experiences, her stupidity and her outlook on life – whether they’re gay, bi, straight.

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“She’s looking for love in any sort of form, but unfortunately – she just can’t fucking help saying something ridiculous when she is under pressure.

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