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Ver bones 4x25 online dating

Many doctors regard illnesses they can't understand as psychosomatic, illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome.

Scientific research regarding the hazards of, for instance, tobacco, toxic chemicals, dental amalgam or mobile phones has been and is being manipulated, attacked or concealed, often with the help of scientists who secretly work as consultants for the very industry branch that has a direct interest in a certain result of their research.

För fyra år sedan blev jag elöverkänslig och har sedan dess fått svårt att klara elektroniken i många nya bilar." Artikel av Gunnar Lindstedt (Swedish only).

ARTICLES AND ESSAYS: ” Somatic medicine abuses psychiatry — and neglects causal research” (ENG SWE) "As a psychiatrist, I have to say it is rather distressing to witness how unconcernedly certain colleagues are abusing psychiatry, allowing other interests than those of the patients to take precedence [...] the starting-point is an embarrassingly simple misunderstanding.

THE GALLERY: "Find on Symmetrical Island": Per Jadéus mixes Bernini's angels with a Swedish landscape This is visual artist Per Jadéus' tribute to both the Bernini angels along the bridge to Castel St.

(There is also a short text about the comic strip with English translations of the Swedish balloon texts.) ORIGO: "The Distance Learning School".

A story from 1899 predicts teleteaching in 1999 German author and teacher Kurd Lasswitz, who wrote several collections of stories, inspired by mathematical or technical ideas, wrote this story in 1899.

ARTICLES AND ESSAYS: ” A life redirected: The story of an illness” (ENG SWE) "As I woke up one morning in May 1993, everything changed. It would turn out, this was a day of the kind that constitutes a demarcation.

Everything that had happened in my life would from then on be categorized by if it had occurred before or after that particular date.

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An essential question here is whether newspapers should report new research findings about possible health risks, even if the so-called scientific community has not yet reached consensus about it, something that often may take decades. (Also available as PDF) Swedish only: Båda dessa artiklar finns också som tryckt bok) ARTICLES AND ESSAYS: ” A hundred and fifty years of misuse of mercury and dental amalgam — still a lesson to learn” (ENG SWE) Dental amalgam is the main source of mercury exposure to humans in the western world.

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