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A search of the FAA Service Difficulty Reporting Program data base contains one additional report regarding spoiler hydraulic line chafing. PIPER Piper; Model PA-28-201; Arrow; Defective Engine-Induction System; ATA 7160 The alternate air-door hinge (P/N 99047-000) is attached by three (AN470AD3) solid rivets.The three rivets sheared and the air door became lodged in the fuel control servo throttle body.Various electronic versions of this form have been used in the past; however, this new electronic version is more user friendly and replaces all other versions.

The submitter reported finding similar defects on other like aircraft.

The initial inspection revealed the left torque shaft sheared inboard of the landing gear actuator attach point due to failure of the left landing gear actuator (P/N 99-810057-652). CESSNA Cessna; Model 208B; Grand Caravan; Cracked Fuselage Structure; ATA 5313 During an inspection, the technician discovered the left longeron (P/N 2613105-31) and right longeron (P/N 2613105-28) were cracked at the lower aft corner of the cutouts for the control column torque tube.

The right longeron was cracked 3/8 inches and a second crack was inch long.

PAPER COPY OF FAA FORM 8010-4, MALFUNCTION OR DEFECT REPORT In the past, the last two pages of the Alerts contained a paper copy of FAA Form 8010-4, Malfunction or Defect Report.

To meet the requirements of *Section 508, this form will no longer be published in the Alerts; however, the form is available on the Internet at:

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(Refer to the illustration.) The FAA strongly recommends the registered owner and operator comply with Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) CE-04-23, dated December 2, 2003.

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