West australian sex offenders website is countess luann still dating jacques

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West australian sex offenders website

If you have information about a registered sex offender that you would like to pass on to the Sheriff’s Office, you can call or email [email protected] or (509)524-5400.

OFFENDER WATCH Offender Watch manages and monitors the whereabouts of registered sex offenders in Walla Walla County, as well as allowing you to see where level 2 and 3 registered sex offenders live within a 2 mile distance to your home.

Level III High risk to re-offend within the community at large.

Relevant, accurate and necessary information concerning offenders classified as risk Level III may be disclosed to the public at large.

The best way to stay informed is to take advantage of the free e-mail alert system.

Click above or on the Green Offender Watch box on the left to be taken to our specific Offender Watch page.

Sex offenders have always lived in our communities and Law Enforcement has no legal authority to direct where sex offenders may or may not live.

Level II offenders MAY be the subject of general public notification.This is in addition to the statistics that more than 50 of them have committed more than once a sex crime over the past 2 years, so there is a chance they will hit again.After reading that, people can now understand why the WA sex offender list is so important for the public to use.Level I offenders MAY NOT be the subject of general public notification.Level II Moderate risk to re-offend within the community at large.

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